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       Paranormal Investigators are coming to Canby Aug 30th!!! See Details below:

Tina & Lena!!!  Coming to Canby Sunday, Sept 21st @ 2PM.  Details here.

Fall Fest & Highway 75 Byway Celebration:  September 13th


Looking forward to fall?

How about a Ghost Hunt to kick off the upcoming holidays?


There is excitement in Canby over the Labor Day weekend.  Canby historical sites including the Historic Lund-Hoel House, The Canby Theater, and The Canby Depot will host a team of ghost investigators on August 30th. 


The team will be led by author and historian, Adrian Lee, who has written several historical books including his recently released, Mysterious Minnesota; Digging up the Ghostly Past of 13 Haunted Sites.  The book was nominated in the 2013 Minnesota Book Awards.  Lee is currently working on investigating ghostly sites located in southern Minnesota.  His books contain the history of famous locations with related ghost encounters weaving history and the paranormal into story form.  Lee also appeared in an A&E Segment of 'My Ghost Story', Season 4, as the paranormal investigator of a Sauk Center Antique Shop which aired in 2012.


The team of Paranormal Investigators come from numerous locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Each team member is experienced and brings a different specialty to the team in analyzing the information received by devices.  Equipment used by the team will include video cameras, infrared cameras, digital voice recorders, thermal imaging cameras, EMF detectors, specialized thermal equipment and more.  Information obtained during their investigation at the three locations is then compared to historical records for accuracy.  When the results of the investigation are analyzed and checked against known facts, they will be presented to the Canby community at a fund raiser to benefit the participating nonprofits. 


Lee has been active in fund-raising for the Windom Theater, Long Prairie's Christie Home Museum, Todd County Museum, Sauk Center Historical Society, Pipestone Museum, and many more.  

Happy Haunting:

The Historic Lund-Hoel House

The Theater

The Depot


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